A new CRM tool

I’m looking for a new CRM tool… right now I am using Critsend.

Critsend is good to view the number of :

  • Email sent
  • Email received
  • Image view
  • Click Through
  • Bounces
  • ISP block
  • Spam

The other pluses :

  • the management by tags is pretty cool
  • we keep ownership of the email base and send through a script hosted on our base

However, my bounce rate and ISP scores are very poor… and I am not getting worthy guidance there. I’m losing nearly 20% of my email campaign just because of these.

Also I am looking for a preview of my email on various email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!) and device (desktop, mobile, tablet). And advanced KPI’s

So ! I was advised http://www.softwareadvice.com/, but this didn’t seem to fit this one need, I’ll use for other tools though.

I tried https://espinator.com/go/?s=msespinator where you enter a number of criteria to find the best CRM tool.

My main criteria :

  • Email display preview on several email clients
  • ESP to enhance email campaign delivery by reducing spam, bounces, ISP block
  • Advanced analytics to analyse KPI’s
  • 60-100 000 emails sent per month
  • No more than 0,5€ per 1000 emails

Capture d’écran 2015-11-25 à 17.40.24.pngI ended up with 3 suggestions :

  • Marketing cloud from Salesforce : well, the pricing put me out
  • Experian CheetahMail : the interface is unbelievably unfriendly. I gave up
  • Mailup : this one I am currently testing

Mailup : Basic purchase is 2000 emails / hour, and costs 50€/month

There is a 1000-email free trial. The setup was quite rocky, I had to explain to the support what my issue was several times, before they realized I was not just dumb but that the technical team was actually required to let me through.

Once I got into the matrix, I was able to set up a customized email (but with a Mailup disclaimer), upload my base, and send my emails.

So far the system seemed to work, I tested out with 800 emails, and I was happy with :

  • Preview of emails
  • More precise stats
  • what link was clicked
  • what email opened / clicked
  • clicked / opened with or without image
  • bounce reason : invalid address, blocked, etc.

The service offers SMS campaigns, too.

I am now trying to subscribe or 1 month and fully use the premium service, but that seems to be an issue, too. To be followed…

Capture d’écran 2015-12-15 à 19.15.38.png